This is my Story

Being a couturier is not just making my dream come true but also of many others who love to dress elegantly. Through my work, I seek to enhance the beauty a woman is born with, I seek to enable personalities and support women to be the sophisticated individuals they are. – Shehara De Silva


My Story:

I’m a professional company secretarial and human resources management expert, who always had my heart set in becoming a fashion designer of affluent clothing. Becoming a mom of two adorable kids made me postpone my dream. However, I never stopped adding design after design into my fashion sketchbook. By doing so, I knew that by the time I was ready to launch my work, I would have multiple designs in my collection. Today, I’m a homemaker as well as a refined fashion designer of affluent clothing, aiming to enable the elegant personalities of women. Each design will only have one piece of elegant clothing which will be owned by only one lucky affluent woman. Each design will have its own story and personality so that before buying the dress, you will know if the dress fits your personality. Each design will tell a story that enhances your elegance and personality.


Message from the Designer:

What inspired me to design is my daughter. I was walking by a bridal shop and was spellbound with the bridals. Then I thought to myself, that one day when it’s time for her to get married, I’ll be designing her bridal. Now with every piece I design, I take great pleasure to see the final product; for I know, whoever owns and wears my designs will definitely feel their personalities being complemented.

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