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First let me ask you 3 simple questions.

1. Did you know that women prefer to shop online?
Oh yes, amidst their busy schedules of balancing between work, life and looking beautiful at the same time, women prefer convenience of online shopping.

2. Did you also know that most women prefer unique dresses that define their personality?
Oh yes, especially walking into an event, the dreadful thought of someone else wearing the same dress.

3. So how does a woman attend an event looking beautiful, unique and with a strong personality?
Simply by owning a dress that’s stitched only for her. I launched CouturierbySD for those women looking for uniqueness that also empowers their personality. So I design dresses for personalities and not just for any woman.

This is why I want to introduce three of my dresses to empower your personality. I believe us women have personality that deserves applause and pampering. From my debut dress to all that follow will be meticulously designed for that particular personality in each woman. You will not see two women wearing the same dress. So, you can relax, pamper yourself wearing CouturierbySD and walk into that room with your head held high..

My debut evening gown is for The Protagonist and is a sure head turner by the wearer. Rose gold and silver mixed net fabric gives a heavenly texture. The flowing full-length skirt will not only make you look like a debutante but will definitely make you feel like one. This is designed to enhance your charismatic and inspiring nature which is sure to mesmerize your companions. The Protagonist is an important principal character, that leads and supports a cause. If you see your personality to be taking center stage as a prominent figure in a situation, then claim this personality. Be the advocate and champion that you are born to be.. Let’s make a statement of the protagonist in you.

Do you Smize? Then, this is for you. The Adventurer is for the woman looking for some extra pizzazz in her life. This floral crepe satin is designed for an adventurer, who is always ready to explore and experience something new. The dress is so smooth on the skin and so light to wear. This simple yet charming piece is designed for any occasion. Match it with the right jewellery to look fabulous. The Adventurer loves seeking adventure and taking risks. If you are an Adventurer, you take each experience, regardless whether you know the outcome or not and you love facing it head-on. You love seeing the world from a different perspective, even if you’ve seen it a million times before. Then, claim this personality and let this dress enable the adventurer in you.

The Entertainer is for the woman who likes to have fun. You wear it, you got B. O. T woman. This is specially designed for a spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic woman. Life is never boring around you. Sea green bridal satin gown shows the right amount of body, not too much. The sexy dress will draw many admirers for sure. This dress will not only give you “the look” but will surely make you glamorous. The Entertainer loves entertaining people. You know you are full of enthusiasm, confidence and creativity. Claim this personality to enable and enhance the entertainer in you. Let this dress compliment you when you hold the attention of your companions at a night out, or on stage, or at a house party, or a gathering or whichever occasion you choose to be the livewire of the party.

I welcome you to be the Glamazon wearing a piece from my collection. Let’s make you the model of the moment and star of the party. Each of my dresses have a story and is designed to explain the personality of the woman wearing it.

I want to make you the highlight of the event you attend. I’m giving you high fashion for the high personality you already own.

You Wear it, You Own it !

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