Hi, I am Shehara De Silva

I Design for Personalities

This is my Story


The Gregarious is people focused. This is for the woman who is extroverted, idealistic, charismatic, outspoken, highly principled and ethical, and usually knows how to connect with others no matter their background or personality. This Navy Blue and Grey Satin figure hugger is for you, The Gregarious, the bold and the beautiful. This dress simply […]


This pure silk umbrella cut ankle length gives you the elegant and sophisticated look that you desire. This is for a reserved, sophisticated woman who’s self-sufficient. The Utopian loves her own company while enjoying discussing ideas and theories. This is for the woman, who looks for reasons why something happens the way they do. Indulge […]


My debut evening gown is for a Protagonist and is a sure head turner by the wearer. Rose gold and silver mixed net fabric gives a heavenly texture. The flowing full-length skirt will not only make you look like a debutante but will definitely make you feel like one. This is designed to enhance your […]


This floral crepe satin is designed for an adventurer, who is always ready to explore and experience something new. The dress is so smooth on the skin and so light to wear. This simple yet charming piece is designed for any occasion.  Match it with the right jewellery to look fabulous. The Adventurer loves seeking […]


This is specially designed for a spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic woman. Life is never boring around you. Sea green bridal satin gown shows the right amount of body, not too much. The sexy dress will draw many admirers for sure. This dress will not only give you “the look” but will surely make you glamorous. […]

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